Smart Ageing Prize : Le projet Pace2Face demi-finaliste pour le prix AAL

Très bonne nouvelle !


Nous sommes semi-finalistes !


Le projet sur lequel je travaille actuellement a été sélectionné comme semi-finaliste pour le prix européen AAL.


Et ceci dans le cadre du programme Senior Enterprise

Looking for solutions that empower older adults to engage in entrepreneurship


C’est quoi AAL ?

We are AAL, a funding programme that aims to create better quality of life for older people and to strengthen industrial opportunities in the field of healthy ageing technology and innovation.

We do this by funding projects that work towards creating market-ready products and services for older people. Each project consists of SMEs, research bodies and end-user organisations. Since 2008, we have funded over 220 projects.

Our projects address a number of issues, including management of chronic conditions, social inclusion, access to online services, mobility, management of daily activities, and support from informal carers.

The specific aims of the AAL Programme are to:

  • Foster the emergence of innovative ICT-based products, services and systems for ageing well at home, in the community, and at work.
  • Create a critical mass of research, development and innovation at EU level in technologies and services for ageing well, including the establishment of a favourable environment for participation of SMEs.
  • Help create the market conditions for the industrial exploitation of healthy ageing products by providing a European framework that supports the development of standardised solutions and facilitates their adaptation to local, regional and national levels to account for varying social preferences and regulatory requirements.

AAL is co-financed by the European Commission (through Horizon 2020) and 17 countries until 2020 for an approximate budget of €700 million.

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